Membership* categories consist of Full (HPCSA registered) or Affiliated (other SA registration categories), which are subdivided according to the CBT practitioners training and experience in specific CBT Models. Please consult the Membership Criteria page for details and required documents.

Ms Jean Luyt

Advanced Associate Member (Schema Therapy)

Prof Dan Stein (UCT)

Academic Member and Internationally Accredited (Schema Therapy)

Mrs Luzanne Liversage-Collins

International Course Certified Member (CBT) - Advanced Associate Member (REBT)

Dr Shane Pienaar-Du Bruyn

Internationally Accredited Trainer/Consultant (CBT/Cognitive Therapy), Associate Member (Schema Therapy), Associate Member (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Advanced Associate Member (DBT)

Beth Cooper Howell Proof reader/copy editor

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Prof David Edwards
Dr Linda Blokland
Matthew Watkin
Edgar Tyrone
Bertus Swanepoel
Dr Shane Pienaar-Du Bruyn